Why Crushworthy?

I am a professional journalist, but in the wine world, I’m strictly an (admittedly enthusiastic) amateur. I started this blog because I get to taste some terrific wines in San Francisco’s many wine bars and retail stores, and I’d like to spread the word about my favorites. I’m also trying to develop my senses and take a more thoughtful approach to wine tasting, and I’m interested in what others think about the wines I’ve tried — there is much to be learned from differing impressions.

Mostly, though, I love wine and I love to write. Hence: Crushworthy! Hope you find this blog useful. Please join the conversation! And feel free to contact me at crushworthywines@gmail.com.



  1. Though I have looked cursorily, what a great site… and I concur about the big butter bombs of chardonnays, though there are a few that are meritorious…. notably the 90 Diamond T from Talbott…
    I look forward to seeing more of your blog!


    toby Rowland-Jones
    Big Sur Food and Wine Festival

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